Aspect Africa works with locally based community organisations who border protected and proclaimed conservation areas such as the Kruger National Park, Makuya Nature Reserve, Gonarezhou National Park and the Malipati Safari Area. These areas a very rural where employment is 85% or higher, schools battle with retaining teachers, conservation is not a priority for many who live in the communities, HIV/AIDs is prevalent and gender equality and equity is not a priority for all.


Responsible Tourism & Aspect Africa


  • Aspect Africa believes that community-owned tourism is the only way for responsible tourism to truly exist and to benefit people on the ground at grassroots level, that is why Aspect Africa only works with community-based organisations, where we ensure that 80% to 90% of what volunteers pay stays in the countries and communities we operate in.


  • We use local host families to ensure that as many people from the communities we work with benefit from visiting volunteers. Host families are selected by the local community-based organisations, direction and input are given for aspiring host families so that more families can benefit in the long-run.


  • On top of using local host families, Aspect Africa makes sure that jobs created through the volunteer programme such as coordinators, guides and drivers go to local community members if possible, where it isn’t we try to ensure training is given so that local community members can and will benefit in the near future.


  • Aspect Africa uses local suppliers as far as is possible to make sure that the local economy receives a boost, this includes our activities which are all locally based having the biggest impact possible.


  • To not overburden one community and local infrastructure Aspect Africa makes sure that volunteers are not all based in one area or even community thus ensuring a balance for community members and to make sure volunteers interact as much as possible in their host communities.


  • Increasing the capacity of our local staff and community-based organisations is an important focal point for Aspect Africa, this includes HIV/AIDs education, mentorship, computer literacy and guide training.


  • As we operate in very rural areas, especially Zimbabwe, transport to activities is often by donkey cart so we have developed a Donkey Cart Policy, see it HERE.


  • Our local partners are recognised by the local conservation organisations such as SANParks, Gonarezhou Conservation Trust as well as local tribal authorities and educational and tourism departments.


  • Volunteers will be working with children so we ensure they submit a criminal records check in line with Aspect Africa and Friends of Mutale’s Child Protection Policy, this is on top of making sure that all volunteers have the correct and adequate medical insurance before starting their placement.


  • We want all our volunteers to have a positive cultural experience, an experience which enhances the lives of volunteers and local host communities, we ensure this by giving volunteers an extensive orientation to create cultural sensitivity awareness and so that they understand the impacts they can have and do have on the host family and community.


  • We also make sure that our host communities understand cultural sensitivity towards volunteers and that they are representing the community so their behaviour will have an impact on the overall experience volunteers have.