This is where we would like to share our current campaigns to 'Pack for a Purpose' and our future plans and ideas.

The One World Ultradurable football

These unpopable balls are ideal for the bush where thorns, sharp stones or broken glass won't put a dent in it' side.  Also a softer ball for the younger one to play with!


As part of our community and school efforts, we ask that volunteers bring sanitary products, these are needed for female students both in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  We have become an affiliate of MOONCUP, for every 5 bought we will give one free, many students would really appreciate this 


Teachers in Zimbabwe are always on the lookout for quality chalk, pens, crayons, coloured paper, poster paper and markers. If you are willing and able to purchase a few of these items and give them to your placement school on arrival,  at least then you will know what materials you will have to work with!


While footballs, cones and pumps are relatively easy to get football boots, shirt, shorts, socks, shinpads and especially sports bras are not. Again we ask if volunteers have space in a suitcase, especially if you are travelling from the United States where there is a generous luggage allowance we ask that you try and pack a few items, or you can collect items and we'll make a plan to get it to Africa!


Our future plans and ideas

What we want to achieve through reinvestment in our community partners:


  • Start plastic recycling facilities - Precious Plastics 

  • Create Hammock Camp Out Camps in the bush; create a local business opportunity for someone to run and maintain

  • Create mountain bike trails around the host communities

  • Make mountain bikes available to volunteers and create a local business opportunity for someone to maintain the bikes and guide volunteers on trails

  • Provide funds for Orphans and Vulnerable Children to attend school with the correct materials and clothes

  • Enable kids and students to go on more educational conservation trips

  • Train local tourist guides